Krav Maga Bodyguard course

Management Board of AKD security at Zagreb, Savska cesta 28, is organizing special education for security guards according to Krav Maga system and is inviting cadidates to education for:

VIP Protection – BASIC 

Scheduled for:

from October 29th to November 02nd 2016

- Marijan Škiljić (Krav Maga Expert, Krav Maga Law Enforcement Instructor, Krav Maga VIP Protection instructor),
- Kristian Družeta (Krav Maga Instructor) and associates

Group: max. 15 candidates

Price: accomodation and food are not included in the price

Regular price

5.600,00 HRK

Early bird registration (30 days before starting)

4.900,00 HRK

VIP Protection Club members (regardless of the date of registration)

4.900.00 HRK

Partial payment possible.

Disscout possible for:

1. Groups of 5 (five) or more applicants

2. Registration 30 days before start (Finish the registration with payment of 500,00 HRK in advance manadory)

IBAN or No. of account Management Board of AKD security: HR 29 23400091110389747     
Program of education:

1. Theory of security and protection (3 h)
2. Legal aspect of security and protection (2 h)
3. Application of physical protection – self-defence (15 h)
4. Handling of fire arms and shooting (8 h)
5. Tactics and communications (15 h)
6. Communication (3 h)
7. Firt aid (4 h)
Detailed plan and program of education and operational content provided in documents.
Place of education planned in city of Zagreb according to the plan of education.
Applicants are given the schedule of education before the beggining.

Every candidate has to fullfil General requirements Opće uvjete for approaching education.
Every student has an insurance during consequences of an accident during or out side of regular occupation, in case of death or in case of permanent disability.
Forming groups in order of applications.
Management Board of AKD security is taking care of all neccessary school equipment and supplies for every student.

Candidates with successful completion of the Course receive the following:

  • diploma with cadidate's name and surname. Diploma is entering the online employment record book.
  • international certificat Krav Maga Global of completed VIP Protection Course


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