Private security course

Private security course: from September 23rd 2019 - registration in progress

Possibility of financing from AKD-security. 

All candidates interested in education and getting new knowledge for fast employment can send their applications to:

or E-mail:

In 2009 Management Board of AKD security at Zagreb began with their program of education for security and guards through Decision of the Ministry of the Interior from February 18th 2009 and Ministry of science, education and sports.

In the past five years there have been successfully educated over 1000 security guards with excellent exam results. There has been cooperation in education with several institutions, eg. Ministry of Internal Affairs and Croatian Employment Service.

Price and payments

Price per candidate who register and finish payments until December 31st 2019 pay the pride of HRK 980,00 (exclusively one payment in full), and regular price after that period is HRK 1600,00.

Attending the course is as in fromed groups. Term of the course depends on fulfilment of the groups, and every candidate is duely informed about the term of the course.

Payment possibilities:

  • possible financing from AKD security
  • possible payment in instalments
  • possible paying with credit cards

Every candidate who successfully finishes education in AKD-security and gets the licence for jobs of private protection and guards and then qualify as candidates for job in AKD security. Those candidates whose education is financed by AKD security sign the contract and pre-contractual obligations about employment and – after successfully finished education – they become employees at AKD security.

Form and duration of education
Education is consisted of theoretical and practical part. Program of education for security guards lasts 100 hours of class, within 6 themes, out of wich 50 hours theory and 50 hours of practise.
Program of education:
1. Normative regulation for areas of work of security and guards
2. Use of means and devices of technical protection
3. Basics of criminalistics and procedures
4. Basics of communications
5. Handling of fire arms and shooting 
6. Application of physical protection – self-defence 

Every candidate is insured during the education in case of accident.
Training for private security is determined by the laws and regulations in the field of private security.  
All educations for security and guard is held in scheduled facilities

Lecturers who educate at Management Board of AKD security are fully eligible under the Law on Private Security and the Regulations on education and professional examination for security guards and the guards, which is verified by the decision of the Ministry of Interior, which is associated University approved the performance of education and security guards.

All additional informations on telephone 00385 1/4800-200 or E-mail:


Private security course Private security course