General conditions

General Terms and Conditions (here and after refered to as: General Conditions) are used for the purpose of transparency and they are more closely defining certain terms and relations, ways of meeting the obligations between the parties.

1. Terms

1.1. AKD Academy, Zagreb, Savska 28, is registered in the Commercial Court in Zagreb, OIB 49384180615.

1.2. The client (here and after referred to as: User) is any legal or a person, who has concluded with the Academy a service contract, for the services that Academy is offering.

1.3. Services within the meaning of the General Terms are all services that the AKD Academy provides to Users that would be in order with the Law of compulsory obligations considered an offer or invitation to make an offer under which the AKD Academy rang. AKD Academy on its website separately describes each service provided in terms of the number of hours, the dynamics, the number of participants etc. The service is considered to be what the AKD Academy indicated or described in the description of the course or other services.

1.4. The Contract is a bilateral legal relationship between the AKD Academy and the User, relating to the provision of services from the activities and catalog of the AKD Academy.

1.5 Advertising of AKD Academy is advertising that is exclusively made available to the public from the AKD Academy and the publication on the official website of the AKD Academy, in particular.

1.6. The Course is the service which the AKD Academy is providing, and it is in organizational and contractual term of complete and indivisible service held as a teaching to a group. AKD Academy offers a variety of courses as their services and their program presented to every User before signing the Contract. The number of hours within the Course indicates only organizational schedule of services and it is not divisible by hours.

1.7. The Group is the number of students which is determined by the AKD Academy and which is required for the smooth and efficient provision of services of the Course.

1.8. Price list is a list of services provided by the AKD Academy where the prices of each service are expressed in a clear and unambiguous manner.

2. Conclusion of contract

2.1. Service Contract concludes between AKD Academy and each beneficiary. The Contract is signed when signed by both parties (User and AKD Academy).

3. Obligation of Users

3.1. The User is required to pay the full agreed amount as it is written in the signed Contract.

3.2. Users will at his own expense provide for himself all the materials needed for class attendance and completion of tasks. There could be exeptions, but the User is duly informed about it.

3.3. The User is required to enable the lecturers smooth teaching. User's behavior is not supposed to impede or complicate teaching.

3.4. In case that User's behavior prevents teaching, presents difficulties of any kind or causes damage to the AKD Academy, User is obliged to compensate in cooperation with the AKD Academy.

3.5. User is obliged to take care for his materials and other things in the clasroom. The User may not carry inside the classroom items that can be harmful for other people or cause damage to property.

3.6. AKD Academy is not responsible for loss, theft or damage of User's things during the teaching process.

4. Obligations of AKD Academy

4.1. AKD Academy is obliged to allow Users the attendance at the contracted time.

4.2. In case of unfulfillment of the minimal number of attendances necessary for the Course, AKD Academy reserves the right to terminate the contract prior the commencement of the particular Course (Termination Terms). In that case, AKD Academy may provide the second term of the Course or otherwise designed course or promptly refund the paid-in name prices.

4.3. AKD Academy is obliged to provide facilities for the maintenance of the Course with all equipment  necessary for the smooth and efficient teaching. AKD Academy reserves the right to substitute lecturers or place of instruction because of organizational and other circumstances that could not be predicted.

4.4. The User can change the term of Course only with the prior written approval of the Director of the AKD Academy. The change is considered attending any course in any period which is not pre-arranged.

4.5. AKD Academy ensures that all teachers are highly qualified with knowledge and skills needed to perform teaching.

4.6. AKD Academy gives to User relevant certificate after User's successful completion of the Course.

5. Prices and discounts

5.1. Price is the amount which the User is obliged to pay after signing the contract. AKD Academy determines the Price according to its tariff and every individual service provided.

5.2. Price agreed in the Contract is the price of all services regardless of the Course title. Price is determined in accordance with Article 1.6. General Conditions and as such can not be divided into hours.

5.3. Discount is any reduction of the agreed price to the individual approved and contracted by AKD Academy, under the conditions set by AKD Academy, and is published on AKD Academy's official website or in some other means.

5.4. User who is entitled to Discount is obligated to reefer to it at the time of concluding the Contract. Discount is realized only in the moment of signing the Contract. Discount can not be exercised retroactively.

5.5. The right to discount can only be accomplished individually. AKD Academy reserves the right to approve discount to legal person.

6. Payment

6.1. By paying the agreed price User fulfills his financial part of contractual obligation.

6.2. Possible full payment or in installments for the Course.

6.3. AKD Academy may require User's down payment of 10 % of Course's price. In that case, the amount paid is considered non-refundable fee. The rest of the contract price User is obliged to pay at least 7 days before the start of the Course or is considered to resign the Course.

6.4. After the begining of the Course User can withdraw from the Contract, but will not get refund. After the begining of the Course, refund is possible only if AKD Academy does not fullfill its part of Contract.

7. Personal Information

7.1. According to Article 2. Law on Personal Data Protection, User agrees to give his personal information (name, address, place of birth, occupation, phone number, etc.) to AKD Academy. Besides that informations, there are data about the exam success, which AKD Academy will use only in purposes of analysis, keeping track of the participants, notifications about new services etc.

7.2. User agrees that AKD Academy does not violate User's contractual obligations when uses User's photographs taken during Course. User agrees to publishing his photographs and / or distributing on flyers or announcements and the official website of the AKD Academy.

8. Miscellaneous

8.1. General conditions apply to all contracts that AKD Academy concludes with User, for every service, and the parties are familiar with them specifically, unless there is an individual Contract which stipulates otherwise.

8.2. If amendments to the General Conditions occur, AKD Academy will notify Users about that publicating the amendments to the official website of AKD Academy.

8.3. In case of dispute, the parties agree to resolve all disputes endeavor to resolve amicably. In the event that the dispute can not be settled amicably, the parties agree to the jurisdiction of the court of jurisdiction in Zagreb.